How soon is too soon to tell someone you love them?
And how should it be said for the first time?

Anonymous: Alive 

What a miracle and a blessing that I am!
I’m very happy that I’m so horrible at dying! :)

Anonymous: Strong. 

I got kicked out of my house this week….again. I came home and the locks on the doors were changed on me and I had no way in. I’m 20 years old and I have done everything my parents have asked of me. 
I had no car, no phone, and no home for the last few days. I also lost my summer job because of these circumstances. I have less than $100 to my name.
I have been a couch-surfing burden the last few days.
I have had nothing to depend on except myself and the people around me. I will make it through. I will figure it all out.

I am strong.


no mom you’re grounded

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