Three heart surgeries at the age of five. Little Harrison Mack is in critical condition and fighting for his life with the love and hope of his home community in Traverse City, Michigan.

Harrison was born with a heart defect, and he has had several heart problems in his lifetime and is now waiting on a very important heart transplant. Harrison was looking good for a while, but then he got a common cold (strep throat) and it went to his heart, causing tremendous problems for him again. Harrison is at U of M hospital and it is costing his family TONS of money to have him there. Harrison’s mom, Kristin, lives close to the hospital, and travel expenses are outrageous for her.

My mom works with Harrison’s dad, Harry, at a business called D.H. Baker Dental Lab and when she heard about Harry and Kristin’s ill son, Harrison, she started throwing around ideas of a benefit dinner for the poor little guy. She came up with the idea of a spaghetti benefit dinner and bake sale, and put it together within two weeks, her time-frame being between Traverse City school’s spring break and Easter. She made it possible.

Well, last night, we had our dinner and bake sale for Harrison Mack. My mom did a tremendous job with everything, though when the reporters came, she didn’t take any credit for it. The bake sale alone raised about 1,200 dollars and the entire event raised over 13,000 dollars in funds for the Mack family and their sick son. (I helped work in it from 4:30 to 11, so that’s why I didn’t get online at all yesterday.)

Sadly, because my mom ran the event, she had to tell us afterwards that she had been asked by Harrison’s parents to wait until after to tell us the bad news. She waited until the community was gone and Harrison’s brothers (he has three, and they don’t know yet) and uncle were gone; she waited until we were cleaning up to tell everyone that Harrison’s lungs were failing. Harrison isn’t doing well. He’s no longer transplantable, but she didn’t tell her co-workers that.

My mom was so brave that she’d ran known that Harrison was dying and had to lie to everyone because she’d been asked to. She had to put on her brave face for the entire city that we live with, (Traverse City has a population of about 10,000 people and the story was on the news) and say that everything was going to be okay if we worked together. She was ordered to give us (everyone) a false sense of hope. She cried when she told us, because for those two weeks that she’d been planning the event, she hadn’t been allowed to tell us. She is so amazing for that.

HERE IS THE DEAL: Harrison, the little five year old boy seen in the news clip above, is most likely going to die without a miracle. And we’ve done everything we could for him. But I’m asking you to reblog this and raise awareness for this little boy. 

Also, you all have facebooks. Taylor  Hyundai and Taylor Kia will donate a dollar for every person who likes the “Hearts for Harrison” facebook page. Go like it right now!!!

Also, one last thing you can do for Harrison and all the children like him. Harrison really needed a heart, remember? Well, nationally, about 63 people receive an organ transplant every day, but another 15 people on the waiting list die because not enough organs are available. In Ohio alone, 230 people died last year waiting for an organ donation.

So, how can you become a donor? Whenever you go to obtain a new driver’s license or renew yours, you will be asked if you want to add it to your license. You can also join the registry by completing an enrollment form online or at any license branch. Or simply visit the Ohio Donor Registry and sign up.

Thanks, guys. It means a lot to me for all your support, and it means more to my mom and everything to the Mack family. Pray for Harrison and his miracle, please.

Kelsea Cole

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